Reyhan Evi Cheese Types

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Various Cheese Types

Reyhan Evi offers you a wide variety of local and international cheese types made according to the original methods of our ancestors.

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Private Factory

All our cheese products are made in our private dairy factory which applies the highest cleanness and sterilization standards.

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Export & Wholesale

Our factory is willing to manufacture and satisfy small and large-scale wholesale orders all over Turkey and the globe at fair prices.

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Natural Milk

Our cheese types are produced from high-quality milk that is taken from naturally-fed cows in the fertile pastures in Maraaş Province.

Reyhan Evi Akkawi cheese pack

Akkawi Cheese

Reyhan Evi Musanara Cheese Pack

Musanara Cheese

Reyhan Evi village cheese pack

Village Cheese

Reyhan Evi Fresh Cheese Pack

Fresh Cheese

Reyhan Evi Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi Cheese

Shelal Cheese

Dessert Cheese

Reyhan Evi cecil cheese pack

Cecil Cheese

Reyhan Evi braided Cheese pack

Braided Cheese

Antep Peyniri

Lavash Cheese

Circassian Cheese

Reyhan Evi Mozzarella Ball Cheese Pack

Mozzarella Balls

Reyhan Evi Cream Cheese Pack

Cream Cheese

String Cheese

Stick Cheese

Reyhan Evi Mozzarella Cheese Pack

Mozzarella Cheese

Reyhan Evi Kashkaval Cheese Pack

Kashkaval Cheese